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Films of Seymour Bernstein

Seymour Bernstein’s Home in Maine, 22 July 2012

Seymour Bernstein spends his summers on a 60 foot cliff on the coast of Maine. He has taken videos of the magnificent view, he recites one of his poems, he performs a Bach-Friskin transcription, and he shares with us his relationships with chipmunks and red squirrels.

Part One — (14:08)
My “Shangri-La,” followed by BACH-FRISKIN transcription of, Gottes Zeit ist die allerbeste Zeit (“God’s time is the best time”) performed by Seymour Bernstein
“Can you imagine awakening each morning and seeing this extraordinary view? I was thinking that perhaps a similar vista must have inspired those Schubertian harmonic modulations; those magical sounds that Schubert created. For nature after all, is the essence of what I call a ‘spiritual reservoir.’ I believe we are all born with it.”