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Homemade CD Compilations:

(1910-1981)               Vol. I
1. Night Life (1930)

The Mary Lou Williams Trio
Roll ’Em (1944)

2. 8th Avenue Express
3. Marcheta

I Made You Love Paris (1954)
4. Avalon

The First Lady of Piano (1955)
5. I Love You

Mary Lou Williams Presents
Black Christ of the Andes (1963)

6. It Ain’t Necessarily So
7. A Grand Night For Swinging
8. My Blue Heaven
Zoning–Mary Lou Williams (1974)
  9. Intermission
10. Medi II
11. Gloria
12. Rosa Mae
13. Play It Momma
14. Syl-O-Gism

Free Spirits
Mary Lou Williams Trio (1975)

15. Ode To Saint Cecile
16. Temptation
17. Blues For Timme

Mary Lou Williams - My Mama
Pinned a Rose on Me (1977)

18. My Mama Pinned A Rose On Me
19. Rhythmic Pattern
20. J.B.’s Waltz
21. The Blues
22. No Title Blues

(1910-1981)               Vol. II
London Sessions (1953)
1. Lady Bird

I Made You Love Paris (1954)
2. Mary Lou Blues

3. Little Joe From Chicago (1939)
4. You Know Baby (1944)

The Zodiac Suite (1945)
5. Aries
6. Aquarius

7. Hesitation Boogie (1946)
8. In The Purple Grotto (1951)

The First Lady of Piano (1955)
9. Amy

Mary Lou Williams Presents
Black Christ of the Andes (1963)

10. Miss D.D.
From The Heart (1971)
11. Scratchin’ In The Gravel
12. What’s Your Story
      Morning Glory?
13. For The Figs

Free Spirits
Mary Lou Williams Trio (1975)

14. Baby Man

Live At The Cookery (1975)
15. Praise The Lord
16. Waltz Boogie
17. Roll ’Em

Solo Recital,
Montreux Jazz Festival (1978)

18. Medley
 •  The Lord Is Heavy (Spiritual II & III)
 •  Fandangle (Ragtime)
 •  Old Fashioned Slow Blues
 •  For The Figs (Kansas City Swing)
 •  Baby Bear Boogie
 •  Roll ’Em

  • Local
    • Joe Morocco - Piano Tuning
      Needham, MA 02492
      I highly recommend Joe —Dave Ratcliffe

    • Sam Partyka
      Teaches students of all ages, from the pure beginner up through Chopin Etudes. Thorough technical preparation and broad exposure to literature.
      Studio location: Jamaica Plain
      srpartyka at-sign gmail dot-character com

    • Kathryn Christensen Lieppman
      Teaching focus includes technique, repertoire, theory, sight-reading, improvisation and music appreciation (prioritized based on individual student goals).
      Studio location: West Roxbury
      kathryn.emily at-sign gmail dot-character com

    • Nina Grimaldi Piano Lessons
      A Piano Studio That Provides Complete Musical Training:
      Including Solfege, Theory, Composition, Improvisation, and Analysis
      Studio Location: Belmont (2 min. walk to Cambridge/Watertown borders; close to Waltham, Arlington, Newton)

    • Rachel Goodwin – Pianist
      All ages and all levels from beginner to very advanced
      Chamber music coaching and music theory instruction also available
      Studio Locations: Boston (Ashmont Hill), Cambridge (Longfellow Park)

    • musiConnects / Boston Public Quartet
      Serving the neighborhoods of Boston and the Boston Public Schools
      private lessons and chamber music
      20 Belgrade Avenue #1

    • Roslindale Arts Alliance
      PO Box 231
      Roslindale, MA    02131

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