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45 Bexley Road, Roslindale, Massachusetts
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dave [at sign] DavesPianoLessons [dot character] com

  University of California Santa Cruz, 1985, BA in Computer and Information Science
Piano Study
  Duke University: with Mary Lou Williams
  Berklee College of Music: Piano Performance major

Employment / Experience

  Piano Teacher
  Burbank Elementary School; Chenery Middle School , Belmont Massachusetts
  Private students in Massachusetts, Maine, and California
  Adjunct Teacher to Music Director, Shoreline Middle School, Santa Cruz, California
  Piano tuner and technician apprentice: rebuilt player and grand pianos
  Expanding sample library of transciptions and scores for piano instruction at DavesPianoLessons.com

  Administrative Assistance and Management
  Randstad USA:
  - Northeastern University School of Law Admissions Office; Operations/System Manager
- BWHRadiology Research Administration and Boston Architectural College:
    Database compilation, analysis, maintenance and development
  Burbank After School Program and Chenery Extended Program, Belmont, MA
  Database creation and maintenance; managed office systems; facility management; edited newsletters, emails, forms

Adam Frost Computer Services
  Computer support specialist providing hardware and software maintenance, layered backup security, system troubleshooting, and antivirus protection

  SGI (formerly Silicon Graphics Inc.), Mountain View, California.
  Engineering and Technical Support
  Developed and managed SGI graphic desktop utilities; tested operating systems; taught SGI workspace classes
  Information Architect; Created, developed, maintained, published IRIX and Linux Developer's Toolboxes
  Produced quarterly web publication of SGI Freeware Project and Developers Toolbox; Webmaster: fielded and processed technical enquiries from software and hardware developers; system administrator for SGI server

  Oona Ratcliffe: Artist (www.oonaratcliffe.com)
  Nina Vansuch: Performer (www.ninavansuch.com)
  Nancy Wagner: Artist (www.nancywagnerpainter.com)
  The Committee for Nuclear Responsibility (CNR) (www.raticalorg/radiation/CNR/)
  The X-rays and Health Project (XaHP) (www.x-raysandhealth.org)
  John Ryan Haule: Jungian Analyst, writer, & lecturer (www.jrhaule.net)

  Finale, Studio Vision Pro, Word, Excel, MS Office, Word Perfect, Photoshop, BBEdit, FrameMaker, SSH, FTP, Shell, CPanel
  Macintosh OS 8, 9, 10
  Windows MSDOS, 95, 98, 2000, NT, XP
  SGI IRIX (BSD+Berkeley+ATT UNIX), Linux (Red Hat)
  VAX/750, VAX/780, PDP11/70

  HTML, XML, CSS, Perl, JavaScript, CGI, C, SH, CSH, PostScript, Pascal, Fortran